Individual Donations for 2014

The Bristol Fourth of July Committee would like to thank all of the many sponsors and donations. Our Celebration is continues for this, our 229th continuous year, because of your support If you are interested in donated the the Celebration, please feel free to contact Dick Devault at 401.573.9453.

Thank You!

Platinum - $200+

Joan Prescott

Link Mossop

Gayl and Dudley Hallagan
Happy Birthday America! Let Freedom Ring!

Platinum - $100

Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Avila, Jr.

Dr. & Mrs. William F. Bundy
"We dare not forget that we are the first heirs of that first revolution ." JFK

Rep. Raymond E. Gallison, Jr.
Best wishes for a happy and safe 4th of July!


O'Connell Allstate/
Robert P. O'Connell

Happy 4th from O'Connell Allstate!

Betty and Joe Brito, Jr.
Congratulations to all the volunteers who make the Celebration so memorable!

Ros and Marcia Bosworth
This is the 100th appearance of the Portuguese Band.

Joseph J. Scanlon
Good Luck Bristol!

Susan & David Hibbitt

Robert Rondeau
Wow! 229th year of celebrating the 4th! Thanks to the 4th of July Committee - great job!

Albert Benevides

Joan & Richard Abrams
Another wonderful Bristol 4th of July!!

Hector & Shirley Massa
Stars and Stripes Forever!!

Doris Oberbeck

A.N. Nunes Agency

Roger P. Belmore In Memory of my wife Olivia.

George Lia Funeral Home

Michael & Marie Byrnes
Keep up the good work.

Jane P. and Vasco Castro, Jr.
In Memory of Past Chairman, Francis N. Perry.

The Magaziner Family
Proud to be Bristolians!

Edward and Rachael Castro (CM’08)
“Happy 4th of July ”

Gold - $50

Vivian & Louis Lombardi
Thank you to our Military!

Sandy & Jeanette Matrone
Congratulations and best wishes to the 2014 Chief Marshal David Barboza!

John G. and Gloria J. Rego

Ms. Ann Marie Conklin
Continued Success!

David and Josephine Alves
Our thanks to the 4th of July Committee for a job well done!

Bennett and Charlotte Burnham
Good Luck to Liza, Tom and Nick!

John Card
Happy 4th!

Joseph Moniz

Zane & Carole Anderson

Joseph Kinder
Thanks for a great parade!

Dick & Betty Usher
Our Bristol's Fourth of July Blessings!

George & Haven Miles

Paul & Paula Ferreira
Congratulations Bristol!

Oliver and Donna Poissant
Happy and Safe 4th of July!

Silver - $30

Mrs. Ronald Gladue
Best Wishes for a Happy 4th of July!

Joseph and Januario

John and Edna Greene

Arnold Lumber

Edwin & Betty Weston

Joe & Dottie Caromile
Happy 4th of July to oue fellow Brisolians!

Eleanor McGinn

Ms. Martha Costa

Oliver Insurance Agency, Inc.

Patricia Monteleone
In memory of Irene Troiano.


John P. Bergmark - $25